Why Blog?

I’m blogging for two reasons:


New York City — Nikon D850 28-300mm @300mm 1/500 f/8.0 iso 6400

1.) I have something to say

Don’t we all? ? As many of you know, I create and post to YouTube, new photography how-to videos almost every day and post to my main website, OnlinePhotographyTraining.com multiple times per day but, all the things I do at those places are more regimented and geared toward helping people learn photography. They’re not places where I can, or should, talk about myself and my personal projects. Most of my so-called projects are photography related but some are not. I hope to talk about them here. Whether anyone cares to read my musings, is another matter. ?



Columbus Zoo — Nikon D500 with Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 Lens — 1/320sec, F5.6, iso: 400 at 200mm

2.) I take a lot of different types of pictures

IAmBuffalo.US only contains street images of Buffalo, New York. Not only do I take street images from places other than Buffalo, I take all different types of images spanning several different types of photographic genres. I hope to share some of the non-Buffalo street images here, images other than street photography here and perhaps share a story to two as well.


When I publish a new blog-post, I’ll post about it on my Facebook page and Twitter


(Picture at top: New York City — Fujifilm X-T1 with 23mm Lens — 1/250, f/11, iso 3200)